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Workshops and the like

At this time, I offer acrylic pouring workshops. I base the pricing and in-depth level of teaching on the cost of materials and interest level of the students. A general but nonspecific price range per student could be anywhere from $20-$50+ depending on materials and teaching level + time.


For instance, if you want to have a paint pouring party for an intimate gathering, I can demonstrate a simple but fun technique that is easy to master and make it easy for everyone to have a great time.  The cost level will depend on the materials desired and number of participants. It would be much more affordable than a group that wants to do multiple canvases of multiple techniques and also wants to learn to mix their own paint.


In the future, I plan to do simple resin jewelry workshops and perhaps even some outdoor adventure assemblage workshops where we go explore, gather materials and put together an assemblage piece. 

If you are interested in having a workshop, please contact me for details and pricing. 

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