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I am: Misty White, Artist-White Mist Creative Studios

Identity: The Qualities, Beliefs, Personality, Looks and Expressions That Make A Person.

Within a person are many gifts, talents and abilities. Some of those lay dormant, waiting to be awakened. Such was the case for me and art. I have always had a deep love for all of the fine arts. My first love was music, I love to sing and make up songs. I have a passion for theatre, dance and art as well. My mother being the artist, I never thought I had any artistic skill or talent. So, beyond a few art classes in high school, I never explored it any further. Until...

In 2016, I did an acrylic painting after I saw Amy Rylander painting prophetically by the Holy Spirit. I was so inspired to connect my faith in Christ to art. I learned a lot (LOL) from that first painting and it hangs on my studio wall as inspiration and encouragement to me. I didn't do much after that, as I was busy planning a wedding(mine!) during that time.


But in 2018, I started watching acrylic pouring on YouTube. I watched until November of 18 before I worked up the courage to try for myself. I had to fight a lot of fear and poverty thoughts just to even try! I tried and tried again, worked on consistency and by mid 2019, I started really seeing results I could be pleased with. My journey with art expanded and I have dabbled in resin (jewelry) and assemblage as well as painting with acrylics and mixed media. I see further expansion to come in those areas as I get inspired to try new things. 

My relationship with Holy Spirit has been integral to my art as He awakened art inside of me and has led my hand many times during the creation process, defeating the limitations I had believed that I was operating under. I pray over pieces and ask Holy Spirit for the message that He is placing inside my/our works. Even the colors chosen have meaning and add to the overall message within the piece. The art and expressions released within are multifaceted, as is the Creator. 

A little more about me as a person: I am a Spirit filled Christian. My relationship with Jesus is central in my life. Before I surrendered all to Jesus, I was lost, claiming to be a Christian but far from it. I was a meth addict and into witchcraft. When I discovered that I could have a relationship with Jesus and He would really guide me, it changed my life forever!  I work as an assistant director at Feeding Inc. two days a week, I work at Global Transformation International three days a week, helping set captives free and doing some administrative work.

I make art, worship and write songs, flag and dance (unprofessionally and unapologetically in my living room, lol) in my free time. I am a zany girl with many quirky traits, I love to don accents and do many different voices. I love nature and taking riverwalks. It's my reset button. I love freedom, especially the freedom that Christ died to bring. I love Jesus. He brought me from death to life and now all that I am is His.

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