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  • Why does my painting look different than the picture?
    My paintings are multicolored with metallics and sometimes mixed media. The camera mutes certain tones to focus on the details, which is why that perfect pink in the sunset rarely comes out when you try to photograph it. Keep in mind that paint pigments may appear different on film than in person. Metallics don't photograph well, but I love some shiny paint! Hopefully, when you get your painting, it will look even better than you thought!
  • Can you make me that painting? (Duplicity/Replication Issue)
    Acrylic poured paintings are a one of a kind creation and will never come out the same way twice. I could use the exact same paint, pouring medium, technique and canvas and have it turn out different every time. You might, MIGHT get close. Close is all you can hope for. And sometimes nothing you do can even get it close depending on the technique employed. Flips and dips have a habit of being utterly unique, no replicatable results at all. Maybe close on a Dutch pour or ring pour, but no guarantees. But I will always do my best to make you a custom piece of art that you can find joy in.
  • I have a question that goest unanswered...
    Send your questions to me through the Contact page and I will do my best to answer your questions. You might even see your question featured here, as I have not yet thought of all the unanswered questions that are to be answered yet!
  • Can you do classes?
    Yes I can! Go to Workshops and learn about what I can do. If you have questions or would like to book me for classes after that, contact me.
  • How do you ship?
    I use the Flat Rate Boxes and ship USPS.
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